[REVIEW] Topshop Makeup Brushes


Kabuki Brush 

This brush is so soft and easy to clean. It wasn’t expensive and it feels very high quality. The density of the hairs is perfect and the is perfect for applying bronzer.

 Foundation Brush

Its a good size for application, the brush is soft and easy to clean. I actually bought this in the sale for only £1 and considering the price it feels good quality.

 Smudge Brush

This is a really dense packed full of hairs it’s perfect for smudging and blending eye shadows. I also got this in the sale, but considering the price it’s good quality and easy to clean.

 Concealer Brush

I use this brush on a daily basis and I love it. It’s great shape and size as well as being soft and easy to clean.

Angled Brush 

This brush is my least used brush, but that is only because I don’t require a brush of this shape. It’s perfect for doing things such as your brows. The quality is really good like the others and easy to clean like the others.

Liner Brush

This very tiny brush is used for gel liners. I have made the mistake of not cleaning this straight after using so it dried up and made very difficult to clean. Other than my own mistake this is great for applying gel liner.
Overall the makeup brushes from Topshop are great quality, cheap and well worth the money if you don’t want to fork out £30 for one brush. I got all these brushes on sale for under £10 so there original price is still really reasonable.

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