[REVIEW] L’Oréal La Palette Nude

When I saw this palette in Boots a few weeks ago I absolutely fell in love with it. The packaging doesn’t look it actually feels  expensive. This wasn’t the cheapest of palettes I’ve seen in boots but it didn’t break the bank like a lot of gorgeous eye shadows do. On the back it shows the colours and their names which is handy I suppose. The palette contains 10 gorgeous and wearable colours 5 matte colour’s and 5 shimmer colours all of which have a peach or purple tint to them. The shimmer colours are more pigmented than the matte but they are still  rather pigmented. Inside it has a large mirror in the lid as well as a half decent brush. I say a half decent brush because it’s double ended one end is a usable brush where as the other end is one of those cheap spongey “brush”. They also sell this palette in another colour but I picked up the Rose one. I definitely think that it’s worth the money and I really recommend this to anyone thinking of buying an eye shadow palette that doesn’t want to spend £40.

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