[REVIEW] Batiste Limited Edition Dry Shampoo

I have recently go into the habit of washing my hair everyday, but it’s taking a toll on my hair because it’s drying it out. So I have decided to wash it every other day instead, which should hopefully help with my dry hair. So I went out to purchase a dry shampoo in case it looks like it needs some freshening up, which tends a lot because I touch my hair fair too much during the day. Anyway I normally go for the original Batiste because I’ve used it in the past and I know that I like it, however I saw this Limited Edition one and I thought why not try something new. The packaging is so beautiful and I think that’s why I was so drawn to it, it’s so feminine and in keeping with the scent of the product. The scent itself is obviously a floral smell that smells so fresh and just what I would love my hair to smell of. When using the product it really works in freshening up your hair because some don’t blend or attach to your  hair as much making it look a little like dandruff,  and who wants that? I really recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable dry Shampoo  that works, Batiste is super reliable. 

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