[REVIEW] Soap and Glory products

Like many of you I absolutely love Soap and Glory, whether it’s their skincare, bath stuff of its cosmetics I love it. I am someone who loves to try new things as well so when I was introduced to Soap and Glory for Christmas (I’m a new lover of the brand) I was graced with a very large box of Soap and Glory goodies from my Grandma. I don’t have much of them left, but these are some of the products that are so large its taking such a long time to use up. 

Starting from the left you have the BUTTER YOURSELF MOISTURE LOTION, obviously the first thing you notice about this is the amazingly cute pink packaging (for those of you unaware pink is one of my favourite colours). It comes with pump which is super handy and very easy to use rather than opening the lid squeezing it out and then trying to close the lid while you hand has a load of lotion in it. I have rather sensitive skin and some lotions irritate my skin, but luckily for me this wasn’t one of those. After using it it leaves my skin feeling really nourished and soft, it is a slightly heavy lotion so not always the best just depends on the time of year. Would recommend this to anyone with dry skin.
Top right we have ORANGASM BODY WASH, can we please take moment to just appreciate it’s name. Back to seriousness now it has more amazingly cute packaging  and has the super handy pump dispenser which is brilliant for when your in the shower. This as a lovely citrusy scent to it, which is always a winner in my books. There isn’t really much to say about a body wash other than I feel clean after using this.
Last, but not least the SUGAR CRUSH BODY SCRUB. Now I think this scrub is incredible and I use it so frequently and it still hasn’t run out. I love it when you can actually feel the grains and whatever is in it scrub and get feel it soften you skin, that is exactly what this scrub does you can feel it do it’s thing. I tend to use this most before I fake tan especially on my knees, elbows and anywhere that is super dry. Much like the body wash it has an incredible citrus smell, but if you don’t like citrus smells then I really wouldn’t recommend this to you. This is one of my favourite body scrubs I have ever tried.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you did then please feel free to give it a like, leave a comment and share. Thanks for reading and I’ll speak to you soon.




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