What’s in my shower?

Recently I have switched up my shampoo and conditioner as well as my face wash and face scrub. I did say I wouldn’t change from the YES TO BLUEBERRIES shampoo and conditioner, but they cost so much and because I have a lot of hair I seemed to get through it so quickly.

So I got the HERBAL ESSENCE CLEARLY NAKED 0% I stuck with 0% parabens and things that will irritate my skin because I have sensitive skin. I feel like this really cleans my hair without causing any damage to my hair and skin, it really leaves my hair feeling fresh and soft. 
I got the SIMPLE OIL BALANCING EXFOLIATING WASH AND FACIAL SCRUB because of my oily skin I thought it would help with my break outs and my oily skin, but my skin hasn’t gotten any better unfortunately. I’ve been using it for about a month and I’m not sure it’s working for me so I’ll have to find something else for me to try.
The other thing I use in the shower is the SOAP and GLORY ORANGEASM BODY WASH and I have reviewed this in a previous post so check out that out if your interested.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you did then please feel free to give it a like, leave a comment and share. Thanks for reading and I’ll speak to you soon.




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