How I clean my brushes

Cleaning your brushes is the one thing that you should always keep on top of, but majority of us don’t, me included. You don’t to spend a load of money on brush cleanser unless you really want to and that’s fine, but it’s not all that necessary.

There are affordable brush cleansers that you can purchase from real techniques or an even more affordable one from Makeup Revolution. I on the other hand just use regular conditioner, I feel it does the job nicely without drying the brushes out. You have to be careful not to get water inside the brush because it will damage the brush causing the bristles to shed, to do this just keep you brush at an angle facing my palm as I clean it. Too dry the brushes I have brush shields that I use to keep my brushes upside down whilst they dry, don’t leave them upright because the water will get inside damaging the brush. Once they are dry they should be lovely and soft because you used conditioner.

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