November Favourites

I didn’t really discover that many new favourites this month, but I did rediscover a couple.

One of the new products I discovered this month and has been my savour the past week and that is the PUREPOTIONS TEA TREE RESCUE SALVE. I only have a very small lipbalm sized tin, but I’m pretty sure you can get larger sizes than this. This really is amazing for dry and irritated skin and it really works on other issues as well because of the Tea tree inside.
Below that is my new favourite drugstore bronzer from TOPSHOP in the shade MOHAWK. I have reviewed this bronzer and even proved how it’s a dupe for the BENEFIT HOOLA BRONZER in the past few weeks. So don’t forget to check out those.
Next is the BENEFIT THEY’RE REAL TINTED PRIMER, now I only have a small sample size of this, but I am super impressed with how under my mascara this makes my lashes look thicker and makes my mascara last a longer. It is tinted, but it’s not completely black it’s just very dark so that it can be worn just by itself. The brush is the same as the they’re real mascara one, but it’s just my flexible to make it easier to use.
Next is a product I have fallen back in love with, I didn’t really fall out of love with it I just kind of forgot about. Anyway it’s the BARRY M GELLY NAIL POLISH in the shade LYCHEE. I love their nail polishes, but this has to be favourite nail colour ever, it’s a very pale nude colour.
Last product is another that I forgot about and have really been enjoying it lately. It’s a lipstick from L’OREAL and it’s EVA’S NUDE. I really like that it’s a beautiful your lips, but better shade. The only thing I didn’t really like was the smell, but I just got over it and it doesn’t really bother me.

Thanks so much for reading I hope you enjoyed it, if you did then please feel free to give it a like, leave a comment and share. Thanks again guys and I’ll speak to you soon.




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