December Favourites

Happy New Year to all of you and I hope you all had wonderful Christmas’s as well. Yes I know it’s been a while since I have posted and I’ve been super busy with my uni work and I went home for a few weeks over Christmas and I kind of had writers block so I took the time to relax and think. I promise this year that I will really keep on top of it and see what 2016 brings.  
This post is my December favourites and most of these were actually Christmas presents and have been using them non-stop since Christmas day. 

Starting off with the one thing that I have been wanting for over a year and that is the URBAN DECAY NAKED 3 eyeshadow palette. I will be doing a full review with swatches so I will just keep this brief. This palette contains 12 eyeshadows with a mixture of matte and shimmer shades that are all pinky warm colours. This shadows are so pigmented it’s crazy and the palette comes with a large mirror plus a very good quality double-ended brush. This palette isn’t the most affordable, but I definitely think it’s worth the money. 
Below that is Fruity scented nail polish remover pads as this was a gift I have no clue where this is from, I really like it so I put it in here. I was so impressed when I first opened this because it actually smelt like watermelon. I only used one to take off all my nail polish on both hands, I do feel like it leaves my fingers all oily, but that makes me think that it nourishes my cuticles don’t quote me on that though because I have no idea. 
The next thing I have is a TOPSHOP nail polish that’s matte yet metallic at the same time. I don’t particularly rate TOPSHOP nail polishes because I don’t feel like they last very long, but I love the colour so much its incredible I haven’t seen a nail polish like it. It just depends on what matters more to you and they aren’t too expensive anyway. I would like to point out that my nails aren’t the best right now so maybe you’ll have a better experience with how long it lasts.
The one thing that I didn’t get as a gift was the MAKEUP REVOLUTION Pro Fix Fixing Spray. I have been using this non-stop since I purchased it and I really feel like it makes my makeup last for ages. Although it doesn’t say it’s mattifiying when I spray this over my matte foundation it definitely make my face stay matte for longer, I’ve really noticed the difference.  I really like the smell of it too I think it smells a little bit like marzipan.
This is the cheapest setting spray that I have found for only £5 and you can get this from or you can pick it up in most Superdrug stores.
Lastly is the Invisi Bobble and this really isn’t too special its basically just a hairband that isn’t suppose to leave marks in your hair which is always such a pain I find that my hair doesn’t get too tangled and that’s great. 
 I hope you enjoyed the first post of the new year and if you did don’t forget to share. I hope you are looking forward to the many more posts to come this year.




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