[REVIEW] Lush Bath Bomb


When I last went to Lush I was browsing their vast selection of bath bombs, when I came across this wonderful creation named the Fizzbanger. On the outside its a canary yellow colour, but there was a layer of blue below that and after the bomb is done fizzing itmakes your bath water green.

There is also a little surprise in the center, but I won’t ruin that for you. The scent is so incredibly unique I’m not sure how to describe it to you guys, its fresh, sweet and I’m positive I can pick up a hint of cinnamon. I love the lush bath bombs they are great an definitely worth every penny just knowing that it’s all organic and you can mix and match. If you have never given these a go I recommend it immensely.

Thanks so much for reading I hope you enjoyed it, if you did then please feel free to give it a like, leave a comment and share. Thanks again guys and I’ll speak to you soon.



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