January 2016 Favourites

This month I found it so easy to pick my favourites I had a lot more, but I had to make a choice on what I have used the most and that’s the six right here. You’ve probably heard me mention most of these in the last month. I’m just going to get right into it.

Starting off with the Lush Tea Tree water, I’m going to only talk about this briefly as some of you might recollect I have done an in depth review of it. Basically since I’ve been using this I really feel like this has made such a difference and it’s super inexpensive. I love Lush and the whole idea behind it, being their organic ingredients and most products are vegan. If you have never tried anything from Lush I would really recommend that you do. 
Next is the Makeup Revolution foil eyeshadow in pure platinum. I haven’t mentioned this one at all before, but I will be doing some makeup looks very soon using this product.
I’m just going to start saying that I think Makeup revolution is a really underrated brand, they do really good products for such an affordable price. I’ve never tried the Stila Foil Liners, but they are supposedly just like this but triple the price which is insane. The product is only £4 and you can purchase it from the Makeup Revolution online store or from Superdrug. There are a few different metal shades, but I have only tried the pure platinum which is really super silver shade. When I first tried this I was just so impressed with the pigmentation it’s just incredible. The best way to apply it is with a small but dense brush so that way you get the most precision. Overall it’s a great product and recommend it to people that are thinking of getting the stila to just give this one a go first. 
This is in fact another Lush product and it’s their Cosmetic Warrior face mask. I chose this product because my skin has been just continuously breaking out and I just wanted it to go back to normal and I feel that this face mask is helping. I don’t just use this I use a multitude of products so I can’t just say it was thanks to just this product, but whenever I use it I really can feel it working into those blemishes and pores. The mask is of course all organic and full of great anti-septic ingredients. If you do have troublesome skin you should give this ago it costs about £6 and you get a whole pot that lasts for ages and if you do happen to buy this don’t forget to keep it fresh by keeping it in the fridge.
This is one of the most popular lipsticks that MAC sells and that is Velvet Teddy, I was so happy when I made this purchase it has to be my favourite MAC lipstick that I own, but I don’t own that many so that’s not hard. I think that it might even be my favourite lipstick of the moment. It’s a matte finish, but the great thing about Mac matte lipsticks is that they aren’t drying and they last the longest. For those of you that don’t know what Velvet Teddy looks like its a brown nude and it’s a shade that suits nearly everyone, because of my fair skin it looks really dark and is quite contrasting, but if your more tan it will look not so harsh. It just depends on what you skin is and what look your going for. 
I think this product is my best discovery so far this year and that is the Makeup Revolution Double flick liquid eyeliner.  When I picked this up for £3.50 I was not expecting the power of this eyeliner. This a is double ended liquid eyeliner pen, one end is thicker than the other so it gives you a choice whether you want thick eyeliner or a nice skinny flick. This liner is super black, although it’s not waterproof it doesn’t budge unless using water. Which makes it last all day for me. This was such a pleasant surprise when I gave this a try, I’ve tried other drugstore brands that are more expensive and known have compared to this. This for me is a 10/10 and think everyone should give it a go, what’s the worst that could go wrong? you would only lose a few pounds.
Lastly is a product that I have recently reviewed, so I will keep this brief. This being the Gerard Cosmetics Hyrda Matte liquid lipstick in the shade Serenity. The packaging a nice frosted tube with a shiny gold top, which I think is super feminine. The formula is so long lasting and really matte without being drying. The colour is like a warm brown nude, my favourite kind of colour. The price isn’t high street, but it’s not high end either. I recommend that you give them a try if you want to a liquid lipstick.

Thanks so much for reading I hope you enjoyed it, if you did then please feel free to give it a like, leave a comment and share. Thanks again guys and I’ll speak to you soon.





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