My Favourite 6 Youtubers

Today I’ve gone for a different post than usual, its basically still about makeup I just won’t be talking about it. Anyway on to the important stuff, I chose to do this because I love to find new people to watch on youtube and I’m sure I’m not the only one so I hope you enjoy and I’ll get right into it.

Carli Bybel
This Youtuber is actually quite new to me, but has been huge for such a long time. Ever since I discovered her I have been obsessed with her makeup tutorials. However, majority of her looks are more made up than others, some of you might prefer someone that does more natural looks. She does mostly makeup tutorials, but she does other makeup related videos and things such as vlogs.
Chloe Morello
This Australian Youtuber has been a favourite of mine a while now, she does a large variety of makeup looks mixed in with first impressions and the occasional vlog. She really puts her personality in her videos and she just seems super fun and bubbly, plus I love Australian accents. 
These 2 sisters, that aren’t twins despite what you think , are so funny and aren’t afraid to be themselves and have fun doing it. I always enjoy watching their videos it always brightens my day no matter what. They aren’t the makeup tutorial type they do unboxing videos and what’s new at the drugstore videos, which I always find helpful and enjoy watching them. I think everyone should give these guys a watch, but some people just might not like that kind of humour or are looking for makeup tutorials.
Another new Youtuber to me, but obviously not new on the Youtube scene. She does a variety of different videos like makeup tutorials, unboxing boxycharm and hauls. She really switches up her makeup looks using different colours and products. She’s the type that I can just sit and watch her videos for ages. 
I think this is possibly one of the only people I watch that has a dark background instead of a white one. She only uploads once a week so its not frequent enough to me, but some of you might disagree because you might not be able to keep up watching them. She does makeup looks, hauls and hair tutorials much like the others. She is definitely the kind of youtuber that everyone can watch.
I think I have to say that she is my favourite because I also watch her vlogs on her vlog channel and I just love how open is she is and not afraid to express herself. All the makeup looks that she creates are all amazing and she always switches up what videos to do, but the great thing is she uploads precisely on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays every week. I have to just recommend her to everyone, I just love all her videos and she was actually the person that motivated me to start my blog.
I hope you enjoyed this little switch up in my regular post, but if you did enjoy it then don’t forget to share it and I’ll speak to you soon.



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