[REVIEW] Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation


Back with another review, but this is a foundation that I have been meaning to try for the longest of times. I’ve just been too lazy to go in store to colour match, but I finally did it. As I’m sure most of you know by now I have oily skin, but somehow I have been able to keep it at bay, so it’s almost normal at the moment.

For those of you that are extremely pale and struggle to find a foundation, I feel your pain, I was pleasantly surprised to find Rimmel does a light porcelain shade. I don’t really have much to say about the packaging, it’s only a £6 foundation and you get what you pay for, but it’s really what’s inside that counts.

I first went to apply this with my stippling brush, the formula was too thick so I chose to switch to a damp makeup sponge, which actually applied. I also applied with my fingers and I feel that it works best more me just because of the mousiness of the foundation. I tested one side primer and one side without  and too me I couldn’t tell the difference between the wear, which a bonus. I was super impressed with the coverage that you get, it’s really high coverage and the bottle doesn’t lie it really feels light weight and doesn’t look cakey. I set it with the stay matte pressed powder, as it’s my go to and it lasted a good amount of time, but definitely didn’t wow me with it’s staying power.

Overall it’s a decent foundation, especially for the price, but if the price was a high end price I’m not sure I purchase it. If you are looking for a good cheap foundation that will keep you matte for a reasonable amount of time, but don’t care if it doesn’t last all day then this will be great. Hope you enjoyed this or found this helpful leave a comment about your experience or share and I’ll speak to you guys soon.


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