[REVIEW] Urban Decay 8HR Powder Highlighter



I’m back again with another review and this one is highlighter, my addiction is real.When I swatched this in Debenhams for the first time I literally knew I needed right there and then and it was £19, I didn’t even bat an eyelid which is a little unusual for me. This highlighter gives me so much life, I can’t stop using it.

I’m going to start off with the packaging and I think the little box it comes in so pretty and girly. However the actual packaging with the product in is nice looking when kept clean, but you would think it’s metal, it’s not though it’s plastic. I just wish they made with a better feeling material it feels a little cheap to me. That is the only issue I have with it though.



Urban Decay have 3 different shades of these afterglow highlighters and I have the shade sin because the best option for someone that is rather pale. It’s a really pretty champagne like colour that I think will go with a lot of different skin tones. I like that it’s not full of glitter like a lot of highlighters can be. It can really give that gorgeous intense highlight, so if you want something that looks more natural then probably isn’t the one for you. As for longevity of this product, it does wear for really good amount of time, but I haven’t timed so I can’t say for sure that this lasts for a whole 8 hours.

Overall I think this product is beautiful and I am obsessed I haven’t stopped using it, If you looking for an intense highlighter and are willing to spend the money then I would definitely  say go for it. If you tried this product let me know how it worked for you in the comments section below.

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