[REVIEW] MAC Ariana Grande Viva Glam Lipstick


Some of you may be thinking didn’t I just get the Ariana Grande perfume as well and yes I did because I just love everything she is doing right now, some might even say a little obsessed. Anyway, I have literally been wanting this since it was launched and I just could justify buying because I never thought I would wear it and I’m so glad I talked myself into buying this because I frigging love it. I wear it so much and I’ve quite a few compliments on it too.

On to the packaging, as you can see it pretty much the same black tube as the regular lipsticks, except the silver has been swapped with a red and she has her little signature on the inside. It think its super cute and this is the standard for the Viva Glam lipsticks, so it’s obviously nothing we haven’t seen before.

This colour is absolutely beautiful, I thought it would be too dark, but somehow even though I’m quite pale it doesn’t look stupid on me. The formula is a matte formula and I love the Mac matte formula’s because they don’t feel drying at all and lasts quite a long time. This one because it’s so dark last me nearly all day, due to the fact that it had slightly stained my lips. My only issue with this is that as it’s dark it bleeds lightly into your skin around your lips, so you need a lip liner and I think it would have been smart of them to make a matching lip liner to go with this.

Overall, an amazing lipstick and would really recommend to anyone ready to step out of their comfort zone. If you have tried this leave a comment below saying what you thought about it and if your interested in being kept up to date with my latest post then either follow my bloglovin account or my instagram. Feel free to share it’ll help me out and I’ll speak to you guys soon.

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