[REVIEW] Barry M Coconut infusion nail polish

I know it has been the longest time that I haven’t posted any form of post and I don’t really have an excuse other than I just haven’t been motivated, however for those of you that follow me on Instagram will know I have been posting daily and been obsessed with it. I’ve had these nail polishes since they were launched, which was ages ago, I was so excited when I saw these because coconut has amazing properties. Some of you may be aware that my nails are always in terrible shape because they are always splitting because they are so brittle, so my nail polish never lasts a day without chipping.

I picked up two shades in boots and I have to say the pink colour is my favourite nail polish at the moment purely because of the colour. I have been constantly using this since I bought them and I think they do help my nail the tiniest bit because they don’t seem to chip straight away like other nail polishes do on me. To get the full benefits of the coconut infusion your not meant to put a base coat, which is fine by me because I never bother, but for those of you that are nail pros are dreaming out at the thought of not applying a base coat.

Onto the price, of course these are 100% affordable as they are Barry M and they don’t cost that much more than their regular polishes. I have to say they have got some pretty summer colours there is at least a colour for everyone.

Overall they are good but I wouldn’t buy them for the coconut infusion more just for the colours. They might work for those of you that haven’t got extremely damaged nails. They aren’t pricey so I would say if your interested then give them a try, but just a little heads up these don’t smell of coconut like I was hoping (sad times).

I hope your glad I’m back to blogging, if you’ve had a different experience than me with these then leave a comment. If you love looking at pictures of pretty makeup then head over to my Instagram and even follow me there. Please feel free to give this post so love by sharing and I’ll speak to you guys soon.


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