How I edit my Instagram Photos

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Today I thought I would share with you guys how I edit my Instagram photos because I get frequent questions about what I use.

What Camera Do I use?

I just use my phone, which is the Iphone 6S because I feel like it has a pretty awesome camera and you can actually take the photo in a square. This way I find it saves me from doing too much cropping and I can make sure everything will be in view.

What apps do I use?

I don’t use that many apps, I stick to my main one and that’s Snapseed, which is a free photo editing app available on both IOS and Android. I every now and then use some of the features on Instagram if I decide it could do with a little more brightness or it’s too washed out so I’ll add a harsher contrast, but that’s it. There is one other app that I use very rarely and that’s Layout and I hardly use this because it put images together and you can mirror them.

Snapseed Screenshots

What tools do I use in Snapseed?

I try to use majority of the of the tools if I think it helps my images, a lot of the time it can super dependant on the image that I’m editing. I use the crop and rotation tools as expected, but one great thing about this app is it has a selective tool where you can brighten, contrast or saturate a certain area of the image. That way it your background is too dark you can just brighten it up without effecting the rest of the image. Below I have listed the tools I use and how I use them as indicated on the app.

Brightness +50

Contrast +40

Saturation +25

Ambience +20

Highlights + 20

Shadows -20

Sharpness +100

Instagram Before and After

I hope you guys found this helpful in anyway, don’t forget to check out my Instagram and if you like this post then please give a share. I will speak to you guys soon.

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