[REVIEW] Seventeen WOW Skin Concealer

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Now when I first saw this in Boots I knew instantly what high end concealer this was mimicking and that’s the YSL Touche Eclat concealer. Having never tried the YSL one I can’t really do a comparison between the two, but if you’ve tried both then say what you think in the comments below. As I mentioned in my last post, if you didn’t read it and want to then click here, I have a serious attraction to gold, rose gold and copper. So this packaging is like a dream come true.

From a price point this concealer is completely affordable at £3.99 and I have to say it doesn’t look or feel cheap and nasty like some £4 concealers do. The packaging in the drugstore is really starting to impress me, they are stepping up their game and I believe packaging is super important to any brand. This gold is just a winner in my books, I might be a little bias though. Some of you might not be aware that to use this concealer you push the bottom like a pen and the product comes out the top between the bristles. Now I have found that it’s worked fine and have had no issues with too much product or not enough, which is always important.

I use this concealer for brightening up my complexion because it’s light and it has a slightly pink undertone which kind of helps cancel out the faint dark circles under my eyes. However, I am not saying this is a colour corrector or a good substitute for colour correcting because I don’t really have dark circles under my eyes, so just concealer covers it up. If you are someone that is looking to cover some serious bags then I recommend trying colour correcting. If you would like me to do a post of colour correcting for beginners then let me know in the comments.

Overall, this concealer is really nice I’m enjoying using it under my eyes as it brightens and doesn’t make my skin look crepey or dry like some thicker concealers do to me. Definitely not a concealer for using on blemishes and wouldn’t suggest doing that because the brush tip isn’t washable so it would be quite unhygienic, plus the coverage wouldn’t be good either. I think I will try out some of the other brightening concealer pens that are in the drugstore now and figure out if this is the better one.

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