[REVIEW] Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

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The Too Faced Chocolate bar is such a cult classic eyeshadow palette and I’m so pleased that I picked it up when I was in Southhampton. Too Faced isn’t sold in many stores it’s only really sold in select Debenhams across the UK, but if I’m wrong about that then please let me know in the comments.

Moving onto the Palette itself, I think Too Faced always hit it on the nail with their packaging it’s always so cute and feminine. I’m really please with the quality of the metal that’s it’s made from and that it has a magnetic that keeps it closed. I feel like that’s the one thing that’s missing from the Urban Decay Naked palettes, to me it makes the palette feel more high quality and it’s more handy. Upon opening it I noticed the generously sized mirror which is always nice to have especially when you have to travel.

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The palette contains a good balance of mattes and shimmers that are both highly pigmented. I would say that I would use pretty much all of these colours except candied violet because its too bright for my liking, but other than that this palette is completely wearable from day-to-night. Most of you will be aware that in their chocolate bar palette and some of their bronzers Too Faced use 100% Natural Cocoa Powder in their formula. This does have great benefits for the skin and it makes the products smell like chocolate, who doesn’t want that?

The formula for these eyeshadows is marvellous, they’re buttery and highly pigmented. Some of the more shimmery shades are a bit more on the powdery side and have a lot of kick-off (where a lot of the powder comes up from the eyeshadow and sits on top). This isn’t something that you want because I feel like the product gets wasted because you end up blowing it away so you palette doesn’t get dirty. I can live with it because I have been sticking to the mattes anyway, my favourites have milk chocolate and salted caramel. The great thing about these chocolate bar palettes is that you get too larger shadows that compliment all the other shadows and are great for a brow bone highlight.

Overall, I have to say this is 100% worth the hype and the money. If you are a beginner this isn’t that difficult to use and if your professional then this is great for you too. Since you can do most looks with this palette you can probably just have this one and not need any other one. I would have to say I think I’m enjoying this more than my Urban Decay Naked 3 right now, that says a lot.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you did then please feel free to share, like or comment it would be greatly appreciated. If you’ve tried this palette leave a comment of how you got on with it and I’ll speak to you guys soon.



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