[REVIEW] NYX Contour Kit

From the top left; Ice Queen, Soft Light, Cream, Nectar, Tan, Toffee, Sculpt and Hollow

I’ve been meaning to pick myself up a contour kit for so long and actually give it ago for once. I was very happy when receiving this for Christmas because I can finally jump on board the contour train. I have heard some mixed reviews on the NYX contour kit because a lot of people have said to be quite disappointed with this, while others have said it’s one of the best drugstore ones. The packaging is a simple black and transparent plastic, which doesn’t feel overly expensive and I’m okay with that because it is only NYX. You can purchase NYX from Boots in the UK and this is about £18.00, making it half the price of high end brands.

You get 8 different shades and in those shades there is one shimmery highlight, two matte highlights, a banana shade and 4 varying shades for contouring. I like that you can refill this palette and you can buy the refills at Boots for £3.25 each.  I’m not someone who personally uses a matte highlight, so I can’t say much about them other than they feel rather dry much like the others. The banana shade seems to have a lot of kick up compared any of the other shades. I like to use this kind powder under my eyes to help with my under eye bags, however this isn’t as pigmented as I would hope for.  The highlight is an ice white and isn’t glittery like I thought it might be and surprised me with how nice it looks on the cheeks. There is one shade that has disappointed me in the palette and the shade Sculpt, this is the perfect contour shade and there just isn’t any pigmentation there. I use to shade to the left of it named Toffee and it has a lot more pigment to it, which kind of makes up for the lack of it in the other shade I suppose. I’m pleased to see there are darker shades that have different undertones, although I won’t use them.

Overall, I would say it’s a decent palette, but not the best and you could probably find one that’s a lot better even if you pay just that little bit more. If they didn’t feel so dry to the touch and had the pigmentation in that one shade this would probably win me over, sadly that’s not the case. If you tried it and had a better experience or worse experience, please let me know in the comments because maybe I got one that’s defected.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did please feel free to share, like or comment. It’ll be greatly appreciated and I’ll speak to you guys soon.



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