[REVIEW] Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette


Hi guys, I’m back to do a review with the most talked about palette of 2016 and yes, I know I’m a bit late to the party. I have to say this was so difficult to get because it was always sold out wherever I looked. Luckily I spotted it was back in stock on BeautyBay, if you haven’t heard them before it’s a website that sells brands that aren’t necessarily easy to access here in the UK and since it’s a UK company you don’t have to pay custom fees. They stock brands like; Jeffree Star, Morphe, Zoeva, Makeup Geek and many more.

I’m going to kick this off by looking at the packaging, it’s pink and I’m a sucker for pink. The pink on the outside is a velvet type of fabric and feels so amazing, on the inside it’s black shiny cardboard, for £41 I would expect something that feels a bit more expensive. It does however come with a rather good double ended brush and a reasonable sized mirror. I wouldn’t be too happy if this didn’t have the pink velvet on the outside, but I do feel like it’ll probably get dirty rather quickly.


You get 14 eyeshadows that are possibly a tad smaller that other palettes, but I can’t complain because the formula is amazing. I have never tried ABH eyeshadows before and I had always heard great things, but I just never was that interested in getting any until I saw the shades in this palette. You can make so many different looks from this palette, which is great and I think they’re all completely usable. When I was swatching these I was in shock with the quality because I don’t think I’ve tried any eyeshadow that is this buttery and pigmented. You need to be careful when applying this because it’s so easy to go over board, they blend like a dream too. Only downfall is that they give a lot of kick up, but that’s only because they are so buttery and it’s definitely something I can ignore.


From the Left; Tempura, Golden Ochre, Vermeer, Buon Fresco, Antique Bronze, Love Letter and Cyprus Umber.


From the left; Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange, Primavera, Red Ochre, Venetian Red, Warm Taupe and Realgar.

Do I think this is worth the money? Yes I do because this is such a versatile palette and your paying for the quality. If you looking for a staple palette to invest in, this is the one. I was nervous about trying some of these shades and I really surprised myself with how many I use frequently. My favourites are the oranges for the day and the pinks/ burgundies for the night. If your in the UK you can pick this up on BeautyBay or CultBeauty.

I hope you enjoyed this post, as much as I did and if you did then please feel free to like, comment or share, it’s much appreciated. Until next time guys.



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