I’m super late jumping on the fix+ bandwagon because this has been everyones favourite setting spray for years. Another one that I want to try is the Urban Decay All nighter because that too is a lot of peoples favourite. This spray retails for £17.00 in MAC and if your a student and there is a Beales near you, they do 10% student discount and this includes MAC.

Before purchasing this I did my research into it’s uses and comparisons to the Urban Decay All nighter. I found that it really helped to uncake my face when I have used a bit too much powder and this just makes it look a lot more seamless. When I use it all over my face to uncake it, I find my makeup doesn’t last any longer because I have got rather oily skin, so I need something designed to keep my face matte. I also use this to spray on my brushes to intensify eyeshadows or my highlighter and this is my main use for this, but I don’t use it everyday.

Overall, I do really like using, but it isn’t a necessity for. I feel for something with so many purposes it’s a bit expensive. I will definitely say that i’ll keep using it, but I’m not sure if I’ll repurchase. Obviously this is just my own opinion and if you had a different experience or you have another purpose for it, then please let my know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and if you did then please feel free to leave a like, comment or just share it’s greatly appreciated. Until next time guys.



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