[REVIEW] Seventeen Stay Time Concealer

FullSizeRender 23.jpg

Being a pale person I do find it hard to find a concealer at the drugstore that is pale enough to either match me or is lighter to go under my eyes for when I’m my palest. My friend is also really pale and she recommended the Seventeen Stay Time concealer in the shade Extra Fair, I purchased mine in Boots for £3.99 I believe, for some reason it’s not on their website and that confuses me.

I’m a really big fan of the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, which is really thick and full coverage. Since it says full coverage on the tube I thought it would a similar consistency as the Collection one, but to my surprise it’s more runny and has almost a serum kind of texture. I found this to work really well under the eyes because it’s quite hydrating and even though I have oily skin I get rather dry under my eyes. I tried to use it to cover blemishes, but because of it’s thinner consistency it doesn’t give me the coverage that I would prefer. Although it says 18 hour wear on the tube, it doesn’t last that long, I obviously set where I use concealer, but it does start to fade nearer the end of the day. It doesn’t break up on my skin or make me oily during the day, I also don’t find it to be cakey.

I have to say I really rate this concealer for under the eyes, but I find it to be to light coverage for blemishes. If your a pale girl looking for an affordable concealer, I recommend that you try this because its super pale, non-cakey and affordable.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed, if you did then please feel free to leave a comment, give it a like or share. It’s greatly appreciated and I’ll speak to you guys soon.sign-off


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