[REVIEW] L’Oreal Overnight Elixir

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Some of you may already know that I am a very pale person naturally, but I much prefer when I have more of a tan because it makes me look less dead and more healthy. I haven’t tried too many self tanners, I tend to stick to the same one normally because I’m always scared of trying a new one incase it’s really bad and orange. I watch a British Youtuber and she raves about this and she always has a beautiful natural looking tan, which is what coaxed me into buying this. I purchased this at Boots for £9.99, but I think that’s not its normal price I believe it was on offer.

I wasn’t expecting the packaging to feel as expensive as it does because it’s so affordable, but the bottle is actually really heavy glass, which isn’t the best for travelling I will say. On the bottle it claims to give overnight hydration, fast absorption, anti-streaks, natural-looking tan and that it lasts up-to 2 weeks. What your suppose to do is apply this before bed and wash it off in the morning, nice, simple and easy. I’m not use to the serum formula because I normally opt for the mousse ones, I found that the serum did in fact absorb quite quickly. Due to my poor skin preparation I found that it get a little patchy where I hadn’t exfoliated properly, which is my fault rather than the products because the second time round it was so much better. I was a little scared about putting this on my face because I have sensitive and oily skin and I was worried it might break me out or something, but I haven’t noticed it making my skin oilier or anything.

The initial colour you are after applying is just the guide colour and may look a little scary, but once you wash it off, it gives the most beautiful natural glowy tan. As for it lasting 2 weeks, that’s not the case for me unfortunately, I find that it only for up to a week for me. When it’s fading I find that it does get a tad patchy in some of the drier areas, so I like to get it off just when that starts happening. A little warning for those you that plan on trying this, if you have white sheets it will transfer onto them.

Overall I’m super happy with the results and I will continue to use it until I find something that works better I suppose and it’s actually cheaper than the one I was using before. If you guys have tried this or have recommendations for me let me know on the comments below.

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