Chemical Exfoliation VS Physical


The thought of chemical exfoliation is probably quite daunting, I knew it was for me when I first heard about it. I recently did a review of The Ordinary Peeling Solution and this was my first chemical exfoliation experience, if you haven’t read it then I recommend checking it out because I go into more detail about the differences between AHA and BHA. I am in no way an expert, but I feel I have done enough research that I could share with you guys. 

Physical exfoliation is the most used way to exfoliate and it’s generally with some form of face scrub. There are so many different ones with varying ingredients, depending on your skin type and what your needs are. I love a good scrub for my face, it’s really wakes up my skin and makes me feel refreshed, at the moment I love using the Botanics All Bright purifying face scrub with hibiscus, a review of their line is coming soon. When it comes to physical exfoliation, they aren’t considered nearly as effective, even though it feels give using them.

Chemical exfoliants remove your dead skin cells, helping aid cell turnover. Leaving your skin softer, smoother and way more brightened. The 2 main ingredients you should be looking for in these “Peels” are AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid). Both do similar things BHA penetrates deeper into your pores, helping flush them out. BHA is also an anti-inflammatory and had antibacterial properties, so works great at targeting any nasty blemishes.

Overall I have had positive experiences with both and will definitely continue using physical alongside the chemical because you shouldn’t be using them daily, so on the days that I’m not using my Ordinary Peeling Solution I will use the Botanics face scrub. I have found that my skin is so unbelievably soft from using the chemical exfoliant, a result that hasn’t been as substantial with scrubs. I also feel like helping fade any marks leftover from some nasty blemishes that I’ve had for sometime. I’m really happy with the results at the moment so I recommend trying for yourself and if you do then please let me know how you get on.

Thanks so much for reading guys, if you enjoyed or found this somewhat helpful then please give it a like, leave a comment and share it. Thanks again and I’ll speak to you soon.



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