[REVIEW] L’Oreal Brow Artist Expert


I’m finally back and coming at you with review of the L’Oreal Brow Artist Expert pencil. I picked this up in my local Boots for £6.99, in the shade dark blonde. I plan on testing out a bunch of different affordable brands eyebrow pencils reviewing them and then at the end battling them against one another to see which is the best. Please if you have any suggestions or want me to try any specifically then just let me know in the comments below. 

Starting off with the packaging it’s just the general standard product one end that you twist up and a spooly on the other, another to note is that the colour of the lid actually corresponds to which shade is inside. The shade of the pencil is a strange triangle and I do find it quite difficult to be precise with, but if your filling in larger areas this can get the job done quite quickly. As for the formula of the pencil I think it’s really nice to apply and isn’t too stiff so that it doesn’t drag on your skin when your using it. The pigmentation is too good I think for a brow product, I personally prefer it to be less pigmented to save myself from going in to heavily. The shade also is suppose to be a dark blonde and I find it to be a little too dark for my brows.


Overall, I think it’s a really good product for the price and you seem to get the standard amount of product as you normally would. I personally don’t see myself using it as much as I would my other brow pencils, but that my own preference and it’s not to say it’s a bad product because it’s not. If your someone that prefers a bigger pencil because you hate how long it takes with the tiny tipped ones then this is probably going to work wonders for you. Let me know if you’ve tried this and what you think of it in the comments below.

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