[REVIEW] Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Pencil


As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I plan on testing a bunch of different drugstore brow pencil or products and then I plan to battle them to see which ones are better. If you have any suggestions for products you want to me to try then please let me know in the comments below. For today I have chosen the Maybelline Brow Precise micro pencil, I picked this in my local Boots for £7.99.


One of the first things I’m happy to see is that it comes with a spooly at one end, this is perfect because I always use these to brush my eyebrow hairs into place before I start to fill them in. I prefer these twisty pencils that you don’t have to sharpen and this particular one has a fine tip to apply the product. This personally is my favourite because you can be a lot more precise around the edges, however if you have a lot of gaps to fill then this might not be the product for you.

The formula is soft and pretty pigmented, so it can be quite easy to go in a little heavy handed making quite harsh lines. As for longevity, I haven’t had any issues throughout the days when wearing this, as with most brow products on me it lasts all day. I have noticed that I used it up quite quickly which I believe is a draw back when it comes to liking the finer tipped pencils.

Overall, I really enjoyed using this pencil and I think it’s a great option from the drugstore and would highly recommend it. I know that your brow products are your personal preference because some people don’t like using pencils or powders, but they love using a pomade instead. Let me know what your preferred method of doing your brows, also tell me if you have tried and you opinions in the comments.

Thanks so much for reading I hope you enjoyed it, if you did then please feel free to give it a like, leave a comment and share. Thanks again guys and I’ll speak to you soon.



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