[REVIEW] Mememe Eye Sweep Pricision Eye Definer


This is the Mememe Eye Sweep Precision Eye Definer, in other words it’s an eyeliner, I don’t really know why they felt they had to over complicate the name. I was kindly given this alone with a bunch of other products from Mememe to recreate their 2017 Christmas look. You can purchase this brand from their website or most recently you can purchase from Beales department store, for around £9. 

The packaging is interesting,  it kind of gives me Kat Von D vibes, but less gothic. The packaging feels nice quality and doesn’t feel overly cheap. The tip is like a felt tip pen, which is personally my favourite kind when it comes to a liquid eyeliner because I feel I have the best control over it. The formula is super black and I didn’t find it to bleed into my skin or anything like that, so it was easy to create a crisp and clean line. I found it really easy to use and had no problems when using it to create a winged liner look. I have found this to be super long-wearing and hardly budges throughout the day.

Overall, I’m actually very impressed with this product and definitely think it’s worth the £9. The only thing I have to criticise is the size of the tip, I just wish it was that bit smaller so I would have even more control over it to create thinner flicks. Other than that, I haven’t really got any problems with it and I will continue to use it. If you have tried this or have any recommendations then please let me know in the comments below.

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