Today is yet another review of a Mememe product and this time it’s the Arch Angel. The price for this is £10 and you can get it on their website or in Beales department stores, I think this price is pretty reasonable and still relatively affordable considering it’s double-sided.


The packaging to me looks a bit cheap with this wallpaper like pattern on it. On one side you get a brow gel and the other is a highlighter. I really rate the brow gel because its nice an pigmented and really holds my brow hairs just the way I like, the only complaint from me would be that the brush is a tiny bit larger than I like. I don’t use the highlighting side, not because it’s bad,  but because I don’t like cream/liquid highlighter all that much. I will say that it’s a nice formula and gives a nice dewy effect, but it’s not that blinding highlight that I personally like. A pretty big downfall for this product is that they only offer 2 shades, light brown and dark brown. Luckily for me the light brown is light even, but for people with blonde brow this isn’t going to work.


Overall, I really like the brow gel itself, but once I’ve used it up I’m not sure I’m going to repurchase it. I wish they did the brow gel by itself and charge a fraction less and offered more shades. The product itself is really quite nice and it might be better suited for some of you guys than for myself. Let me know if you have tried this and if you have any recommendations in the comments below.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed it and if you did then please give it a like, leave a comment and share. Thanks again and I’ll speak to you soon.

Sign off


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