[REVIEW] Evoluderm

Evoluderm-Review-1I was recently contacted by Evoluderm to test some of their products and they were extremely generous with what they sent. This french brand offers skincare, haircare and body products. The brand is currently available in TK Maxx and on Amazon, I think it’s reasonably priced. I thought I would share with you guys my thoughts on the entire brand and my thoughts on some of the products I received.

The skincare products they have to offer and quite vast and can cater for most skin types. Most of the products (if not all) are Paraben-free, which is really great if you someone that has more sensitive skin. The skincare they have to offer consists of Face masks, Micellar waters, Exfoliators, BB creams and Water mists. I found they Micellar water to be gentle and still cleansing at the same time. I also tried a mask that is super hydrating, you leave it on for 15 mins and just wipe of anything that didn’t absorb into the skin with a cotton round. This makes my skin feel amazing when I use it. The scrub is nice, but not my favourite because I prefer something that’s a lot more coarse. I found that all the products I used had a fragrant scent to it and I personally prefer my skincare not to have a scent.


The haircare they have to offer is also Paraben-free and they offer Shampoos, Conditioner, Hair oils and dry shampoos. I find it difficult to review things like shampoo because they all pretty much clean my hair, but they can extra points because the packaging is pink. I really like the leave-in conditioner because it makes my hair smell nice and makes it super soft, as a conditioner should. The argan oil is amazing for the hair and you get a lot of product and it’s really great if you have dry or damaged hair like me.

Overall, I really like this brand as a whole and find majority of the products I have tested to work quite well for me. I will continue use the products and I’ll let you guys know if there’s has been any change to my thoughts. I really like the brands ethos and that they are Paraben-free because I do think that’s really important. The ingredients used are all carefully thought out and can cater to most skin-types. I wish it was more readily available in the UK because that might make me more inclined to repurchase some of these products. If you are looking for some new skincare of haircare, I would say give it a try because non of the products we bad at all and they could be perfect for you. If you have tried some products let me know you thoughts in the comment below.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it and found it somewhat helpful, if you did then give it a like, leave a comment and share. Thanks again guys and I’ll speak to you soon.

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