[REVIEW] Proto-Col


Proto-col is a British brand that produces skincare and makeup, mostly mineral based makeup products with some exceptions. The prices range between £10 to £30, depending of what the product is. I was lucky enough to have been sent these products to test out and let you guys know how I feel about them.

The skincare that I tested was the collagen technology triple pack and this contained a moisturiser, face scrub, a mask and these were all travel tubes. The packaging is simple, but not cheap and the full-size look like this as well, just a lot bigger. Collagen isn’t something I have really thought about or anything anti-aging for that matter, until I was trying these products. I recently turned 21 and feel it’s the best measure to use some anti-aging products for prevention. With products like this it’s pretty hard to see any noticeable results, especially after a couple of weeks. What I will say is that they make my face feel really soft and silky and the microdermabrasion scrub is nice a gritty, so really feels like it’s cleaning your skin.


I received two makeup products, the baked mineral foundation in the shade Dover and the baked mineral colour corrector. Both of which come in these very nice, good quality metal compact that contain a small mirror. There is always an issue with reflective packaging and that’s that it get dirty with fingerprints so easily.


Baked Mineral Foundation – 

I personally don’t ever reach for a powder/mineral foundation because I love full coverage and generally you can’t get that with just a powder. The shade range is appalling with only 3 shades available. First thing I noticed was the amount of product that kicks-up from this product, it’s actually quite messy. The product itself has more coverage than I was expecting, but it’s still a light coverage and that’s just not what I’m into. It stayed on a reasonable amount of time during the day and kept my face kind of matte, which is a necessity when you have oily skin, like myself.


Baked Mineral Colour Corrector –

I’m not someone that colour corrects because I don’t really find it to do much and that is 100% the case with this product. I found it super powdery and messy, all it did was add more powder to my face and made me look more pale than I already am. As you can see in the image above it looks a little like talcum powder on my arm. The powder is finely milled and feels like silk, but doesn’t really do anything when it comes to correcting anything.

Overall, the brand as a whole is quite, but need to work a couple of their products to make them a little better. Such as bringing more shade ranges and making the colour corrector actually do something. They have other products that I am open to trying and I imagine are quite good, that’s their baked mineral blushes. If you guys have tried anythings from this brand or have any recommendations, then let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed or found this somewhat helpful, if you did the be sure to give it a like, leave a comment and share. Thanks again guys and I’ll speak to you soon.

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