My Holy Grail Products

Holy-Grail-Makeup-ProductsToday I thought I would share with you guys some of my holy grail products, that I have repurchased and always revert back to. I always find it interesting to see what products people are completely in love with and continually repurchase because they’re so tried and true. I would love to hear what your holy grail products are in the comments below, I’ll be curious to see if you guys love any of the same products. Continue reading


[REVIEW] Max Factor Brow Shaper


I’m back with another new brow pencil to test out that’s affordable and you guys may have seen it in the new purchases post, it’s the Max Factor brow shaper and it cost £7.99. If you guys weren’t aware I’m testing out as many brow pencils as I can and I when I’ve tested enough I will be doing a whole post comparing them and seeing which ones are the best, in quality and value.  Continue reading

February Favourites


As usual at the end of the month I like to share what products I have been loving and using frequently. This month I have had a major focus on skincare because skincare is super important at any age, as it can be preventative. I have been sent some of these products for reviewing purposes and that doesn’t sway my opinion on them.

First up is the Madam LaLa Tan in Light, I was super excited to receive this because I love to use fake tan, as it’s a risk free way to get a beautiful tan. I’m a very pale person and I can look ill at times when I don’t have a bit of colour on me. This product is a large bottle of mousse and what’s great is it light enough for me to look like my tan is natural, if I was to use a darker one it would look more obvious just because of how pale I am. I’m super impressed and found this super easy to apply. I didn’t find it to go streaky and it builds up to a lovely natural looking tan, that lasts at least a week, depending on how well you maintain it.

Next up is the Mario Badescu Rolling Cream Peel and I only recently reviewed this and I just fell in love instantly. I’m obsessed with using this and the way it makes my skin feel afterwards, it feels like silk and is so smooth. I highly recommend for anyone will problem skin or texture to try this, but make sure you do a patch test first as it uses chemicals.

The Botanics RoseHip Oil is next and I have been trying to really get into using oils on my face because although I have naturally oily skin, it’s recommended because oily skin is really dehydrated. This oil is 100% organic and I really like the smell of rosehip. I’ve been using it at night before bed to keep my face hydrated and I believe its suppose to help fade marks, correct me if I’m wrong. If your looking for a facial oil I recommend this because it’s organic and its really affordable.

My only makeup favourite this month has been this Mac Lipstick in Velvet Teddy and I kind of rediscovered my love for this lipstick. I just love the matte formula that Mac offer and this shade has just been working for my day to day looks recently and when I have a tan it looks more nude than grunge. This ones a little random, but oh well.

Lastly is another Botanics product, it’s their Hot Cloth Cleanser and I have been using this to get any remaining makeup off my face and it’s working. After using this my face feels really clean, which is good because I do tend to wear a lot of makeup and sometimes it doesn’t get everything when using my micellar water so I go in with this to get any remaining product. It’s definitely helping keep my pores unclogged and  I believe it’s oil based, so it keeps your skin hydrated as it cleanses.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed this very skincare heavy favourites and if you did then please give it a like, leave a comment and share. Thanks again and I’ll speak to you soon.

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